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Updated: 30 June 2011.

What is OmniMapFree?

OmniMapFree is a computer program for displaying and analysing the genome of any organism. You can use it to generate genome maps of your own favourite organism and to link chromosome, genetic, transcriptomic, proteomic, molecular mutant and many other types of important information directly to the genomic sequence. It is very easy to use - it does not require any knowledge of databases or computer programming. All of the data is held in plain text files which can be created and modified using a simple text editor e.g. Notepad or Wordpad.

OmniMapFree is a compiled, stand-alone program, written in Delphi, for use on Windows PCs but has also been tested on Linux PCs within WINE which provides a Windows compatibility layer on Linux. The source code does not need to be changed or recompiled to work on Windows or Linux. OmniMapFree is available free of charge for non-commercial academic or personal use.

Screenshot of OmniMapFree showing three different types of display on the four complete chromosomes (grey) of the fungal plant pathogen Fusarium graminearum: density/frequency of genes shown as a grey-yellow-orange-red colour gradient (top row); density/frequency of the same genes shown as a red graph (middle row); location of another gene category shown in blue (bottom row).

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